What is the Pro Arch Procedure?

Pro Arch is a scientifically proven technique with well-established results for tooth replacement. The treatment uses Straumann dental implants placed at four specific locations to permanently replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth.

Your dental implants provide a secure tooth replacement solution for a full arch of new teeth that restore your ideal appearance and chewing function. The Pro Arch procedure most often requires one appointment following your initial examination, treatment planning, and a discussion of your result goals.

What Benefits Are Expected with the Pro Arch Treatment?

A number of oral health and general medical issues can result from tooth loss. Delaying your tooth replacement can increase the risk of gum and bone tissue loss in addition to an impact on your tooth function and your smile appearance.

Pro Arch treatment can be completed in one day. You will have an attractive, healthy smile and the ability to eat what you choose following your initial examination, a discussion of your treatment goals, and the placement of your Straumann dental implants.

What Are the Advantages of Pro Arch?

Missing teeth significantly affect your overall health, your comfort, your appearance, and your ability to enjoy the foods you eat. The Pro Arch procedure relies on the strength and stability of dental implants to secure your new, attractive, and fully functional teeth.

Implants are placed at designated locations to improve the treatment process and your results. Your procedure can be completed in less time and at less cost than standard dental implant procedures.

Pro Arch Facts

Implants will secure your new teeth while maintaining your gum and bone tissue and protecting it from the erosion that is common with dentures.

Your procedure with Pro Arch can be completed in one day.

Your new teeth will be secure and will not slip or fall out. You can enjoy increased security when eating and smiling.

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