What is Involved in the Placement Process for Pro Arch Implants?

How to Achieve Best Result with Your Pro Arch Treatment

Your oral health suffers when you experience tooth loss. Pro Arch implant treatment restores your tooth function and your appearance with a full set of permanent, artificial teeth.

Your Pro Arch Treatment Overview

Initial examination

This vital step helps determine the health of your bone and gum tissue along with your overall general health.

Pro Arch implant placement

Your dental implants are placed at specific locations in your jawbone. This secures your new teeth allows you to return home with the immediate ability to eat, chew, and smile.

After your implants are placed

Healing is necessary following your procedure. This allows you new teeth to be custom crafted for the most ideal function and appearance results before they are permanently secured to the implants.

So why not see if you’re a candidate?

Contact our dental office in Mountain View about teeth in a day. Schedule your initial examination to discuss replacing your missing teeth with the Straumann Pro Arch Dental Implant System.