What Does Implants Pro Arch Treatment Cost?

Your consultation and examination will provide specific fee information.

Your Costs and Financial Options for Pro Arch Dental Implants in Mountain View

Costs can vary for your Pro Arch implant treatment. Straumann Pro Arch implants are a cost effective and time saving option for permanent tooth replacement.

Pro Arch Financing Options

Your oral health after tooth loss will be diagnosed via your initial examination. The specifics of your tooth replacement will determine your treatment costs.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Cash, check, or major credit cards are accepted for your Pro Arch procedure. Lending Club is also available to you as a long-term financing option for the treatment.

Invest in Your Health

Affordability should not determine your health decisions. Pro Arch dental implant treatment provides you an opportunity to make a cost-effective investment in your health following tooth loss.

Schedule your initial examination. Ask us about your financing options and payment solutions at our Mountain View dental office and how the Straumann Pro Arch implant system can restore your teeth in a day.