Trust the Straumann Dental Implant Success Rate

Your Pro Arch treatment relies on dental implants for secure results. Implants exceed a 95% success rate as a solution for permanent tooth replacement.

How to know if the Pro Arch procedure is right for you:

• You have experienced the loosening or loss of all or most of your teeth in upper and/or lower arches of your mouth.

• You are generally in good health.

•You have experienced the loss of confidently smiling and enjoying the foods you want.

What to expect with the Pro Arch procedure

Your initial examination and scan helps determine your oral health and your treatment goals.

Contact us about your tooth loss. Schedule your initial examination to discuss tooth replacement using the Pro Arch Dental Implant treatment.

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Contact our dental office in Mountain View about teeth in a day. Schedule your initial examination to discuss replacing your missing teeth with the Straumann Pro Arch Dental Implant System.