Your Pro Arch Advantage

Delayed treatment following tooth loss can create problems for your oral and general health including bone loss and the potential for infection and pain. The Pro Arch implants are secured into your jaw to create an anchor point for your new upper and/or lower teeth to fully restore your chewing ability and your appearance.

Your Pro Arch Procedure Benefits


Your implants will not slip, move, or fall out as result of them being anchored into your jawbone.

Strong bite

Pro Arch replaces your teeth to enable your chewing and biting function.

Appearance enhancement

Your smile and your facial features are impacted by tooth loss. Pro Arch restores your teeth and the support of your lips to renew your smile confidence.

Healthy tissue

Gum and bone tissue damage can occur following tooth loss. Implants used in your Pro Arch treatment help maintain healthy bone and gum tissue.

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